Sizing Guide for Dog Collars and Harnesses


How to measure your dog for a collar

Collar measuring graphicMeasure around around your dog’s neck with an allowance of two fingers to fit between the dog and the collar. The collar shouldn’t be so tight that it will cause discomfort to your dog or too loose to slip over their head.

If your dog is long  or curly haired always measure them before and after a trip to the beauty parlour  so you can have a collar that is adjustable to both coat lengths.

Please remember when buying a collar for a puppy that they grow very quickly, so its important to check for tightness.

How to measure our collars

Our collars are measured from from the centre bar to the first hole for the smallest measurement and from the centre bar to the last hole for the longest measurement.


Please note, all our collars are sized according to this measurement and not the total length of the collar.

How to measure your dog for a dog harness

Graphic guide for measuring a dog harnessMeasure your dog by wrapping the tape around the rib cage, immediately behind the front legs .  This will tell you how many inches/cms  the harness should be to fit your dogs body.

Next take a chest measurement. Start from the top of the dog’s front legs and bring the tape measure around your dog until it reaches the same point on the opposite front leg.

Once your dog has their new harness, watch to make sure they are happy and comfortable, and that it is not restricting their movement.

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